Randy Lanning

Introducing a brand new superhero comic:-



This is a comic book style of a graphic novel. It's meant to be light hearted, yet dramatic. There will be some romance, some silliness, and occasionally a break in the fourth wall, but it will be subtle and you may not notice right away.


It's a story about four fictional characters from various parts of the world with diverse lifestyles and clashing personalities. They are like a dysfunctional family saving the world although having never met prior.


You won't find gore or gratuitous nudity although I won't say this story is child friendly. Everyone seems to have their own version of what that means but I try to keep things around a PG-13 level. You won't see anything that isn't on a beach in Miami.


Also, I find language peppered with swear words as somewhat unnecessary. I want everyone to enjoy it so you won't find anything of that sort. 


Lastly, I'm irreverent and politically incorrect. I may step on a few toes although I mean well. It's meant to be fun and that's all.


If you ask why the ladies have plunging necklines, I spent a month trying to simply make the uniforms stretch across the chest area and nothing offers the style I was looking for. So I simply removed the problem altogether. Two months have gone by since I wanted to get started and its time to tell it rather than worry with something not that significant.


Breast size has been questioned already. I'm using morphs although I've actually scaled down some from the stock version. Still, I'm kind of leaning towards the style that other comics have for familiarity. I don't care for the dark and gritty, I'm looking for the more light hearted of yesteryear.


It is a labor of love from me to you. I hope you get as much enjoyment reading it as I've had making it.




Yes, if you own the DAZ3D V4 figure and Poser Pro 2014, you can apply this pose file to your V4 and wham - instant weight mapped V4.

Yes, the clothes fit.

Yes the figure bends amazingly well!

Yes, the elbows look natural.

No extra bones.

Scaling works much better than with native V4.

Yes, you can use it in commercial renders and no credit required.


Please note:- this is actually only an unsupported alpha version, and although testers have been really happy with it and think everyone should have this figure, AlfaseeD were not satisfied with the quality and have only allowed us to release it on the proviso that you don't send emails requesting fixes or enhancements or bother them with dissatisfaction emails.


Weight Mapped V4:- Created and freely donated by the extremely talented AlfaseeD we are proud to present a brilliant posefile for V4.  With special thanks to Semidieu of shaderworks fame for the essential inject Script.




The artworks on this website  are the copyright property of Wim van de Bospoort, Randy Lanning and Esther Carney.