This section will be devoted to Anime related art.


I am not attempting to create the Anime look, but give my own spin on it. The figures tend to be more realistic, but the scenery and situations are very much in the Anime style



Waiting at the bus stop


First of the anime inspired images.


The image is rendered in Octane and then I used a Topaz filter for the final look. The filter is not perfect but the coloring and details look very good.


At the pool I


Two more traditional images in Anime style. In included both the original and the post-worked version because I like them both


Original image was rendered in Octane. I then used filters in Photoshop to soften up the look to get this very dreamy atmosphere


The artworks on this website  are the copyright property of Wim van de Bospoort, Randy Lanning and Esther Carney.